The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta 

Notes of Minutes of Grand Master’s Council held via Zoom  on Sunday 19th July, 2020.

Right Eminent Knight Jack Manasserian GCT as Grand Master Elect is pleased to inform members the following notes of major items raised at the abovementioned Grand Master’s Council. This meeting was held via Zoom.

  1. Handbook for Registrars/Secretaries update has been approved by Grand Master’s Council and will be distributed via email in early course.
  2. Grand Masters farewell, Great Priory meeting Grand Installation etc is still postponed to the first weekend in December.
  3. Grand Master’s Council will recommend to Great Priory that an addition of a sentence be added at the end of clause 21 to allow for postponement of meetings i.e. “In an emergency, such as an epidemic or the venue becoming unavailable, the Annual Meeting may be postponed by a vote of Council”. This addition has become necessary with the current situation and will need to be approved at the next Great Priory Meeting.
  4. As at the 6th June, 2020 outgoing Great Priory Officers were thanked for their service to the Order and New and Continuing Great Priory Officers were advised that their appointment commenced as at 6th June, 2020 and that their Investiture would be postponed until the Grand Installation which, hopefully, will occur on Saturday 5th December, 2020.
  5. The Manual of Ceremonial and Procedures will now be available on the Great Priory Website in the Members Section under Publications.
  6. The Grand Master Elect advised that he intended to prepare and execute a Marketing programme which he hopes all members will support. More will be revealed in time to come.
  7. Grand Masters Charity. The Grand Master Elect has advised that his Charity of choice for his Term will be Melanoma Research as undertaken by Medical Research Institute at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research at the Berghoper Centre in Brisbane. When we consider that Queensland is considered to be the Melanoma Capital of this Cancer in the world it is a worthy cause. We have met with Professor Adele Green at the Research Institute and they are delighted with our involvement. Any and all donations should be directed the Great Treasurer R E Kt Kirby Leeke KCT suitably noted.
  8. Resumption of Preceptory Meetings. We are at the direction of UGLQ who control usage of Lodge Buildings. It is essential that we maintain contact with our members in this Pandemic.

R E Kt Vernon Flood KCT

Great Vice-Chancellor

Great Priory of Queensland


To provide a mutually supportive and positive environment where members can practice Christian and Masonic ideals and Fellowship.